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An advocate for your choices

A doula is a trained labor support specialist who is there to support you and your family throughout the birth process. While not directly responsible for any medical proceedings, a doula's primary concern is to support, educate, prepare, and comfort the birthing person before, during, and after labor. Our experienced doulas are trained in many different comfort measures and breathing techniques, and can serve as excellent translators between parents and medical personnel.

Be heard and understood

Our Portland doula will meet with you 2-3 times before the birth to discuss what to expect, what your wishes are, develop a birth plan, coping skills, and anything else that needs to be addressed. We will then be on-call for the birth, often arriving well before the medical personnel and will stay for at least an hour or two after the baby is born to help with breastfeeding. Finally, our doulas will meet with you at least a couple times postpartum to check-in and make sure breastfeeding and recovery is going well.

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