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My husband and I were pregnant with our first child and I knew I wanted a doula at my birth. My husband was skeptical but agreed to meet with Kari. She was incredibly encouraging and kind. After meeting with her, my husband was a bigger advocate for having her there than I was! She was amazingly supportive and encouraging during my extremely long labor. Her postpartum care was extensive and supportive. Kari has since become a lifelong friend and was also at the birth of our second child. She is attentive, accommodating to specific requests and needs, and helped us to advocate for ourselves during our births. She’s outstanding and you won’t regret having her at your birth!


Kari was such a reliable support during the birth of three of my children. She was calm, confident and compassionate. She listened to my needs and helped me have the birth I wanted. My husband and I felt so comfortable with her there and she included him and helped him support me. Her passion for her job and all the babies and families she helps is obvious in every interaction with her. I would recommend her to anyone interested in having a home birth.


I loved my experience working with Kari. She was kind respectful and listened to all my concerns. I loved how she treated my pregnancy and labor experience as something my body was capable of doing instead of using unnecessary interventions. It was clear that this is a passion for her and not just a job. During our appointments she involves my other kids making every appointment stress free for everyone.


"Preparing for my home birth was a natural, empowering and beautiful experience under the loving guidance of Kari. From our first interactions, I knew I absolutely had to have Kari deliver my baby! (I had previously met 3 other midwifery groups but no one made me feel so at peace, so naturally I chose Kari!) Her calming presence washed away any apprehensions. Her smile alone will warm your heart and gain your trust. Her professional bedside manner really put my mind at ease.. When I brought my 6 year old daughter to a prenatal visit, she took the time to educate her about the position of my baby inside the placenta, after my daughter witnessed her gentle hand placement on my abdomen. Kari always asked me about my family and took a genuine interest in my life, like an old friend.

During active labor, Kari was that calm and confident voice of encouragement. I had zero fears as I was laboring and had 100% trust in my birthing team. Kari delivered by sweet baby boy, in my bedroom, with such grace and solitude. It was the most beautiful birthing experience that left me feeling extreme gratitude for the passion she has for midwifery. Delivery went exactly as I had envisioned and I credit that to the wisdom and love Kari has for her art. Postpartum home visits were a joy and I took great comfort in know she was just a phone call away. My children adored her and she was patient to answer all their questions with a smile. Never once did I feel inferior or less than. Kari was walking side by side with me on my journey, a journey I will remember with absolute clarity and fondness. It wasn't what she said to me that was so memorable, but the way that she always made me feel. She makes me want to have another baby, just because the experience was that wonderful!


Kari was my silent comfort and strength at the same time. I will never forget having back labor with my fourth babe and thinking I’m walking naked to the hospital and giving myself the epidural , she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and it was like she shared her inner strength with me... my inner goddess was reminded of her power. A beautiful home birth followed that energy. Take the time to interview Kari. Take note of how she makes your feel. I felt Accepted, Loved, Embraced, Safe ... once you meet her you can finish this sentence for yourself ❤️

~Caylan Wagar

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